Part VII: Service Time and New Friends

August 24, 2003: The Long Haul to Carey, NC

Well Sunday brought the end of my stay at T.W.O. It was time to head for Carey, NC to visit some members of the website, and to get the bikes 12k service done.

I got lost in northern GA. I went into several gas stations with the map and had people point at different places on the map to indicate where I was! Uggh! Where am I?!?! Why didn't I get a GPS?!?! I might be lost but at least I'd know where I was lost. Anyway, I finally found my way out of the mess and high tailed it through SC, through Charlotte, NC up I-85 to meet my friends at the range where they were teaching an MSF BRC class.

Did I mention that people in NC are almost as crazy at the people in NJ? A speed limit of 70 means do 90-100 and pass anywhere you damn well please. I haven't seen driving like this since I was on the New Jersey Turnpike doing 100 in a line of traffic and had someone cross over to the right shoulder and pass all of us!! Now it wasn't that bad in NC, but I sure was happy I was on a bike that would keep up.

Cageygirl and Hunkystuff from the website put me up for the next two days. I'm an avid swing dancer and they took me to their local Sunday night dance. Damn are the ladies in NC awesome dancers and hot to boot! NC's looking better all the time. Hmm... Raleighs only four hours or so from great riding... and the girls here can dance... and they're friendly... and did I mention they're beautiful?

August 25, 2003: Me Like the SV650!

Today was a day of rest, laundry and catching up on stuff online. Although I did try out Cageygirl's SV650. That is one sweet bike! Now I've never ridden a sport bike before. I got on it and was like... where's the rest of the bike? I'm looking at the front tire. It takes some getting used to. I'm getting to feeling the gotta' have its. I just gotta' sell the V-Star and I can get one.

August 26, 2003: Service Day

I spent most of the day in Carolina BMW getting the 12k done. The highlight of the day was meeting a boxer cup racer. This guy is 26 and has only been riding for six years! He qualified for the Daytona race having never ridden an R1100S before! He races one regularly against SV's and other sport bikes. You really get an appreciation of what real hard riding is like talking with someone like him. He pushes the machine to its limits day in day out. It brings a whole new level of insight into what these bikes will do.

I picked up a new white flip up helmet. I've wanted a white flip up for a while, but no one at home has had any for me to even try on. Here was one, it fit, and I'd tried my friends for the ride to the dealership this morning, about 75 miles, so I bought it and shipped the old helmet home. I will regret this decision...