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Getting Into Scrum

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At Vita Rara we're beginning to use Scrum to manage our software projects. Our first pure Scrum project is going to be a SaaS Scrum tool. Stay tuned for more on that as we make progress.

We're currently starting to use Scrum to manage our Quadran project. We have identified a client to act as our model customer, and have explained the Scrum process to them and they have bought in.

We're making the transition from our old method, of the home grown variety, to Scrum. There are some bumps along the way. Particularly in telling people they need to wait a month, and let us work. Getting our Scrum tool up and running will help with these communications. We intend to have client logins so they can see what's happening on their projects, see the current sprint, and help us manage their product backlog.

It's interesting using Scrum to manage a project writing a Scrum tool. The overlay of terms has confused a few folks at time. You start talking about product backlog and you have figure out are we talking about the product backlog feature, or our product backlog. Oh well it's fun. Keeps everyone on their toes.