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Open That Bottle Day


Several years ago I heard about a special, but little know, holiday, "Open That Bottle Day." I remember the date as being February 28, but it might have been the last day of February. I immediately added it as a recurring event on my calendar, and have celebrated it with a little regularity over the past few years.

So, you ask, what is "Open That Bottle Day?" Well, do you have a bottle of wine that has been sitting around for years? You're just waiting for that "special occasion" to open it? Well, here it is, "Open That Bottle Day!"

Open That Bottle Day is a day top open that special bottle of wine for no other reason than to enjoy it and share with friends.

This past Friday, we were a little late, we opened a ten year old bottle Barolo. It was fantastic. It has sat on my shelf for about four or five years, and its time had come. Here's to "Open That Bottle Day!"