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ApacheCon 2007 US Submissions

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I've submitted three proposals for talks at ApacheCon 2007 US, login to see the proposed sessions and give feedback on them.

I've never submitted a proposal to do a presentation at a technical conference before. So, this is a first. I've done a lot of training and mentoring, but never worked for an employer who saw sharing the knowledge as something of value they wanted their employees doing. (It's good to be self-employed now!)

I've submitted three proposals so far:

Implementing Interceptors in Struts 2: Learn how to implement an interceptor to address cross cutting concerns in your Struts 2 Applications. The basics and reasoning behind interceptors will be covered. A real world login example will be used.

Using Groovy with Struts 2: A hand on half day training session. Learn how to use Groovy with Struts 2. Topics covered will include: Integrating Groovy into the Struts 2 Maven archetype; implementing actions, and service beans in Groovy; using Spring to wire Groovy service beans and action classes; using dynamic Groovy actions that do not require a server restart; writing Data Access Objects in Groovy and using Spring based transaction support with Java Persistence API (JPA).

An Introduction to Using Groovy with Struts 2: This would be a quick one hour overview of using Groovy to implement Struts 2 actions. I would also cover and demonstrate using Groovy to implement service and data access classes and wire everything together using Spring.

I'd really like to do the Groovy ones. I've learned a lot about using Groovy with Struts 2 and web development in general in using it with Quadran. Many lessons learned. I also figure by November I'll have a lot more development done on Groovyworks and be able to integrate some of that material.