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A Catskill Mountain Ride to see Pops

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Last Saturday Sylva and I took our first good long ride of the season. (I know. I know... what took us so looong? We've been busy.) This was a ride with a purpose. Sylva grand father, Pops, had bypass surgery recently, and we were headed to pay him a get well visit.

We headed south on the NY Thruway, then took Rt-23 into the northern part of the Catskill Mountains, headed toward Windham. From there we took Rt-296 south to Hunter, then Rt-214 south to Phoenicia. From Windham to Phoenicia it's all winding wonderful mountain roads. No real tight turns and curves, but then NY really doesn't have a lot of those.

From Phoenicia we headed west on Rt-28 looking for county route 47. We found it thanks to some prevailing traffic and a line of cars turning onto it ahead of us. That was ok. I have to admit I wasn't in a real "go go" mood. This was my first two up ride of the season. So, we were taking it easy.

Rt-47 is a little gem. It winds for some distance, about 20 or so miles according to Google Maps. There was a little gravel, and broken pavement here and there, but it was well worth it. It was cool. The road has real curves. A winding brook along the road. What more could one ask for.

We missed our turn onto CR-19 south, and ended up on some fairly out of the way back roads, eventually find out way to Rt-55A, riding along the northern side of Rondout Reservoir. Then taking the nice windy Rt-55 to the rehab facility where Pops was.

When we arrived at the facility we looked across the road, and there was my brother at the gas station with my RT. (I let him borrow it.) Apparently he came down to see Pops too. Problem was Pops got "sprung" on a day pass. So, we headed back out the nice windy Rt-55 to the camp site where Pops and Dots are staying and had a wonderful dinner, then an uneventful ride home.

It was a great day. Took us a lot longer than we thought it would to do our ride. It was a lot of fun though.

Here's a link to the Google Map for our "planned" ride: Planned Ride


I used to bike all the time on trails n stuff but I haven't done it in over a year. Today I took my bike out around the neighborhood just to at least get the feel again because I hope to do a lot of biking this year n get my legs all toned up. I only rode for about...15 minutes though.