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Experimental Dance Photos


I've been taking photos of dancing for some time now. While at a wedding a few weeks ago I snapped a photo of the couple dancing and had a slow shutter speed. This resulted in a wonderful image, with some motion blur, but other parts of the photo being sharp. At a recent dance night I sought to duplicate the effect. It takes some patience, and getting just the right shutter speed. I haven't mastered the skill yet, but here are a few attempts at it.

Here's the photo from the wedding that got me started on this:

I realize now that there was someone else's flash that went off during this exposure, and that contributes to the sharp areas. Something I'll have to experiment on with off camera flash.

Here are the images from dancing:

Try an even longer shutter

Try an even longer shutter speed, but hit it with flash. You'll get blur, and moody lighting, and possibly even transparent people. Fun stuff. :)