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iPhone: Day Four


It's amazing. I don't know that there is much more to say. In true Apple fashion, it works.


My activation went totally smoothly. Sylva's took a bit longer than mine did. Overall it is a much better experience than I have ever had getting a cell phone.


I've been cruising the web looking for apps. There are some out there but they are a bit thin on the ground so to speak.


It is good and I'm getting better at it. The main thing is I'm better with my right hand than I am with my left. Also the closeness of some commonly used letters such as the i & o, a & s, and some others has me wondering if a Dvorak layout might be better.

The Phone

I came to the conclusion today that the iPhone reallly isn't a phone. I'm not sure what it is, but calling it a phone seems to greatly understate it. It is a phone and so much more.

Now, the phone works very well. I have experienced one spot of dropped calls. Simply moving a few feet fixed the issue.

The phone organization tools are great. I have about 350 contacts on my list and it works very well. Flipping through the list is fast.


It works very well. I'm using my POP3 server, and my SMTP server on a non standard port. All needed to do to enable the non-standard port was append it with a colon. This was a serious concern for me because I have an anti spam system that requires a filter on outbound messages.

I really like having email on my phone. My laptop has taken up residence on my desk at this point. I mainly use of for web browsing and email, and the iPhone does that very well. My morning ritual before going to the office has always been checking websites and email. Now I do that on the iPhone.


I've had people ooh and aah. I've been laughed at. I've had Windows Mobile users say, "oh mine does that too." Then they actually watch it in use. They stop talking. It's sort of funny to watch.