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Quadran Update

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We're in the final push to getting our first release of Quadran out the door. We' implemented a lot of functionality over the past two weeks. The data model has grown and morphed as time has gone on. We look to have a running system up within two weeks.

As I mentioned in another post we're starting to use Scrum to manage our software projects. The transition with Quadran has been interesting. Quadran is a fork lift replacement of an existing system that runs our client's complete operation. About the only thing that isn't in Quadran is invoicing and receivables. This makes the conversion to Scrum a little hard, because we're so close to finishing the first release. And we can't deploy the new system until it does everything else the old system does. (The old system took five man years to develop in the bad old days of EJB 1.1.)

To get started we've taken our Mantis issue list and prioritized it from "immediate" down to "none". To promote an item from the list into the current sprint we adjust the priority to "urgent". Right now being so close to the end we're basically doing a weekly sprint. We have an integrated build process, so creating a weekly release is quick and easy. To control our daily work we promote issues to a priority of immediate. It's not quite a perfect Scrum process, but it's getting closer as time goes on.

Our main client also recently stated they would like a monthly release cycle in the future, independent of our talking about Scrum. Woo hoo! That's a big win for us. Getting them into the monthly sprint cycle is going to be much easier. They're sentiments that going anything longer than a month was just uncontrollable. To which I whole heartedly agreed.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for some screen shots when I get a moment.