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The Daily Drucker

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For the Holidays I picked up a copy of "The Daily Drucker" (Barnes and Noble,, a daily reader with short excepts from the great corpus of Peter Drucker's life long writing.

For those who have read widely of Drucker's work "The Daily Drucker" would likely be a nice reminder of the high points of his management philosophy. For those coming to Drucker for the first time it will serve as a good introduction.

Each day's entry has a brief excerpt from one of Drucker's works, as well as action items from the compiler of the collection. These simple action items act to drive the message of the day home and makes reading and working through the book a more active and rewarding pursuit.

So, if you'd like a nice daily reader dealing with management issues give "The Daily Drucker" a shot. Myself, I'll be blogging about those entries that have the greatest application to my work and business over the next year.