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Thank You Zed


Dear Zed,

About that long Ruby on Rails rant against its core developers, the Rails community, those of us coming late to the party from other languages and platforms, and just about everyone else in sight... ok, credit where credit is due, Obie Fernandez and Mingle came in for some praise. Anyway, I won't hash it all out again. I really don't care. I will say though I strongly disagree with how you went about it. Bile is bile, and what you wrote is bile. I'm reasonably qualified in the taxonomy of Internet writing to make the identification. (Yes, I've written my share of flames, but none quite so base as yours.)

Now, with that said, I'd like to thank you. The RoR's IRC channel is habitable again. When I first started into Rails, oh, back in November, the Rails IRC channel was just insane. The questions were inane, even to me a rank Rails beginner; the answers, rightly, mostly consisted of RTFM; and the traffic level was ridiculous. Yesterday I had occasion to wander in and ask what was to me a fairly advanced question involving some meta-programming employing an ActiveRecord model. The traffic was slower, the questions were reasonable, and someone was able to help me work my way toward an answer. (I'll blog about that later.)

So, Zed, although I completely disagree with the manner, tone, and I think the intention of your rant, thanks for the temporary decreased interest in Rails that has seemed to be the result. It gives me some time to catch up. Over the long haul your rant will be a footnote in history, if it even merits that, and Rails will go on. I hope you find some peace in your life, and are able to move past your Rails and Ruby experience to greener fields. I also wish you the strength to never let yourself end up in the same situation, as you saw it.