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Today was Data Model Day

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Most of the day today was spend analyzing the data model for my project. We now have a code name for it, Project Quadran. We'll have to see if the name sticks.

I'm working with a good book on Universal Data Models, "The Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 1" by Len Silverston. I highly recommend it. The notation style is a bit opaque to me, but it is full of valuable information.

At the start of the day I had a data model that looked something like this:

Moved onto something that looked like this:

And ended up here before we were finished beating it around multiple times.

This is mostly an analysis of the order processing and supporting structures. As you can see in the first image there was a lot of parallelism between the right and left sides of the diagram, with sales order, order line items, and their supporting structures. The final revised model has a more normalized structure of simple order, lines items and their append-ant structures for either receiving them in or shipping them out.

I will elaborate more on this tomorrow after we beat it with a dead horse some more.

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