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Mac OS X RSS Readers

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I've decided that I need to make my web browsing and information collection more efficient in order to raise my level of productivity. I've been spending far too much time tracking websites of both professional and personal interest that I like. So, I decided it was time to check out RSS readers.

Additionally I've decided that there are a number of Blogs that I'd like to track that don't produce a lot of new content. Just a few articles per week at the most. It doesn't make sense to visit these sites every day, and I don't want to use something like Technorati. I really want to stay off sites that will get me browsing ad-hoc, and stay focused on the information I need to know about while ignoring the rest.

I downloaded NetNewsWire for OS X. I'm getting comfortable with it. It seems like a nice program. No frills, just a good straight forward reader. I like the availability of styles for the article teasers. My favorite is AK-Blue.

I am finding this model of news reading to be quicker than what I've done in the past. I can scan headlines and move on quickly. I used to do this in Safari, but the inability to mark things read was a killer over time. So, I went back to browsing. In some ways I feel like I'm back in the USENET days. I used to read net news a lot, and it was efficient. Much more efficient than web browsing.

I will write more as this experiment continues. I tried the RSS route quite a while ago, and found it quite unsatisfactory. I think it's going to go better this time.