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Part XIV: Victory Lap and the Ride Home

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September 7, 2003: Victory Lap and the Ride Home

Today is the last day. This tale comes to an end. Today was my victory lap. My last day of the Tour de France.

I rode north on VT-100 to VT-17 east through Appalachian Gap. This is a great road. It is worth of being in the Smokeys. Worthy of being called a "gap." I stopped and snapped a picture at the overlook. I purchased the camera yesterday, so I need to use the pictures up. The climb through Appalachian Gap is a great ride. It's entrance, apex, exit... entrance, apex, exit... repeat. Definitely the most technical road I've found in VT. If you're ever in the neighborhood check it out.

I took 17 into NY then took NY-9N north to NY-73 west to NY-86 west to NY-30 south to NY-28N east to County-2 east of Newcomb, NY. It was getting late in the day and I had planned a get together at the local brew pub to reconnect with my friends and regale them with stories from the road. So, when 2 intersected I-87 I jumped on 87 and road home to Troy on the slab.

Here's a pic of the falls in Ticonderoga, NY.

There are two roads to note from today. NY-30 from the NY-86 intersection south to the intersection with NY-3 is a really nice road. Nice curves, I won't call them twisties anymore, and a lot of new blacktop. The other find was County-2 between NY-28N and I-87. This is a great road. Good surface and not a lot of traffic. The intersection on 28N is unlabeled so you really need to be looking for it. There is a route sign on 2 just in from the intersection. Both of these roads are well worth riding if you're in Upstate NY.

I've arrived home at about 5:30 PM. The ride is over. I haven't reset the trip odometer since I left. It reads exactly 6,617.0 miles. Definitely the longest ride I've ever taken.

Here's a picture of the bike the next day. A little dirty, but damn did it do a fine job.