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Eclipse: Not so Stable

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My experiment with Eclipse isn't going very well. I did an upgrade to 3.2, which apparently hopelessly corrupted my workspace, or at least that's all I can conclude based on the evidence. I say that because I'm obviously not an Eclipse expert. My diagnosis is based on the fact that a deletion of the workspace and a re-import of the project I was working on from the file system fixed the issue.

Today, Eclipse ran out of memory and has somehow corrupted its environment such that the Java Editor is hopelessly confused, and has placed error warnings, x's, along in a seemingly random pattern in almost all of my files.

So, now Eclipse thinks my files are hopelessly riddled with errors, even though the project compiles, deploys, and what's written of it so far runs.

Oh well, in frustration I reverted back my standby development environment of many years, screen, vim, and ant. There's nothing quite like editing a file with I, esc, yy, p, dd, ., etc. My fingers know vi.

Before my reversion to my old Unix tools I looked around for a forum to post in to get some help. I looked at the Eclipse site, but all I saw were pointers to USENET news groups. I used to be a big USENET user, but I don't even have a reader anymore. I've moved on from it. I get my support from focused sites, or email lists. I also looked around for other discussion sites and really didn't find any. If you know of one please let me know.

So, for the moment I'm back to screen, vim, and ant.