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MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo

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I picked up a new MacBook Pro (MBP) Core 2 Duo on Friday. This is a replacement for my iBook G4 1.3GHz I purchased in the fall of '04. This is my third Apple laptop, and my first professional model. My other one was an iBook G3 700MHz model.

I spent most of Saturday moving into and getting comfortable with the MBP. This is my fourth OS X migration since switching to a Mac. All in all they have gone impressively well, and this one was just more of the same. Boot the Mac for the first time, hook the firewire cable to the old machine and wait. When it's done it's your machine, with all of your files, settings, applications, etc. Apple has really made the process of moving from machine to machine a painless exercise.

I recently moved my desktop machine from a G5 Quad to a Mac Pro 2.66GHz. So, this is my second Intel Mac. Everything on the OS X side works flawlessly. I downloaded a few Universal Binary versions of applications I use, such as Camino, and Fire. Other than that it just works, like a Mac should.

Being a Java developer all of my tools work natively on the new Intel machines. The only piece that I wanted to download and install in addition to my Java stuff was a native version of MySQL. Technically speaking it actually isn't necessary as the PowerPC version of MySQL runs fine under Rosetta. I was really amazed to find that out when I migrated to my Mac Pro.

The MBP is fast. Not as fast as my Mac Pro, but quite zippy. My JBoss application server with the current project I'm working on starts in about 21 seconds on my Mac Pro, it takes about 30 seconds on the MBP. This compares to minutes on my iBook G4.

I got the glare resistant non-glossy screen. It's beautiful. Much nicer than either iBook. The extra working area is great. I've stayed away from larger laptops for some time now. My last one was a 15" Dell brick. It weighed about 9.5lbs and I had no interest in lugging around that much weight. The MBP is definitely heavier than the iBook, but the weight is worth it. The screen is very nice to work on.

Overall my initial impression is very very good. We'll have to see how it does over time now.