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Eclipse: Not so Stable

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My experiment with Eclipse isn't going very well. I did an upgrade to 3.2, which apparently hopelessly corrupted my workspace, or at least that's all I can conclude based on the evidence. I say that because I'm obviously not an Eclipse expert. My diagnosis is based on the fact that a deletion of the workspace and a re-import of the project I was working on from the file system fixed the issue.

Today, Eclipse ran out of memory and has somehow corrupted its environment such that the Java Editor is hopelessly confused, and has placed error warnings, x's, along in a seemingly random pattern in almost all of my files.

Frustrating Days in Quadran Land

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The past week or so has been one of frustration. It seems like I have been working on working. I've been setting up Spring, and WebWork, creating the skeleton of WebWork action classes. All in all a lot of busy work.

In the course of creating the JPA implementation of our data layer I used the JpaDaoSupport from the Spring framework. This caused some boot strapping issues when I went to get all of this running under JBoss 4.0.4.GA. The persistence archive deployed perfectly, but it was bear from that point out getting the DAO's to work. I think I have it figured out, and will post a HOWTO once I have it all working.


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Yesterday I decided that it was time to check out Eclipse. My development environment for years has consisted of screen, vi, and ant. I have evolved what I feel felt was an efficient system. But, as with all new beginnings it was time to take a look around and see what was out there. The obvious thing to look at was Eclipse.

I tried Eclipse some time ago, in the 2.1 era if I recall. It just wasn't stable on Mac OS X at that time and really put me off of it. My old environment was rock solid. It never quit on me and I could log in remotely, do a 'screen -dr' and have my environment right there.

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