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Cute Apple Laptop Feature

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This morning Sylva discovered a neat feature on her PowerBook, it also worked on my iBook. If you hit Control-option-apple-8 it will reverse the video. It basically turns your display into a negative of what it really is. It could be helpful in areas with high glare, where the typical white backgrounds don't work well.


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Yesterday I decided that it was time to check out Eclipse. My development environment for years has consisted of screen, vi, and ant. I have evolved what I feel felt was an efficient system. But, as with all new beginnings it was time to take a look around and see what was out there. The obvious thing to look at was Eclipse.

I tried Eclipse some time ago, in the 2.1 era if I recall. It just wasn't stable on Mac OS X at that time and really put me off of it. My old environment was rock solid. It never quit on me and I could log in remotely, do a 'screen -dr' and have my environment right there.

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