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Part VI: Cherohala Skyway Part II

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August 22, 2003: Cherohala Skyway Part II

After running the Cherohala Skyway with the guys last Sunday I can't get the road out of my head. I have to ride it again, particularly I need to run in eastbound. We rode it westbound on Sunday. So, I really have to see if it is just as good in the opposite direction.

So, I head up GA-60/TN-68 to Talloca Plains, fuel up at the gas station at the end of the Skyway and proceed to rise into the clouds. There are some huge cumulus clouds hanging low and threatening rain, but surrounded by huge tracts of blue sky. This is special. As I crest the highest point on the pass this huge storm cloud is lifting off to the east. Its tendrils clinging to the mountains, not wanting to let go. The sun is shining its rays upon the mountain, as if saying, "this is my abode, begone," to the storm. The air is pregnant with life. You can feel it; touch it; drink it in. This is magical.

Part V: Two Wheels Only - Home Away from Home

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August 19, 2003: T.W.O. -- Home Away from Home

Over the previous weekend I had spoken with a board member of a swing dance site,, I participate in. We have a motorcycle thread where we talk about bikes, our rides, etc. It's an interesting sub-culture of a sub-culture, swing dancers who ride motorcycles. Anyway, Peter reminded me about T.W.O. in GA, gave me the number, I called and they had room. I remember reading about T.W.O. from Kathy and Laney's trip reports, and Peter highly recommended it, but nothing can compete with reality. T.W.O. is a riders heaven. The decor, the ambiance, the grounds, everything is great. I rented a room, as I'm not carrying camping gear with me. (Someday I'll have to try that.) As it turns out I have the whole thing to myself. There is no one camping, in a cabin, room or anywhere. This place is so special I'm disappointed that I don't have anyone to share the experience with. If you need to recharge the battery, find some time away, take a break or whatever, T.W.O. is a great place to do it.

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