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Part II: Woe! Curves!

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Friday, August 15, 2003: The Long Haul

I'm not a real morning person. So, in planning the riding day either I had to leave real early to miss rush hour in Harrisburg, PA, or sleep in a little and sail through after the rush. Sleep in. That was easy. This is going to be my big day. By calculation on Yahoo! Maps it is 885 miles portal to portal. I have 250 under my belt, so I think maybe I can complete the ride this day. I've never really run this hard before, so I'll take it as it comes. Well 500 miles or so of slab later I'm in Bristol, VA, about five miles from the TN border.

Today marks my arrival in the south. As I crossed into MD from PA there were the typical welcome signs, then a bit further down the road were the signs for the Mason Dixon line. I find it interesting the symbolism that attaches itself to this line. My real introduction to the south though was the delightful waitress at the restaurant in Bristol. Southerners really know hospitality. Did I mention that I love The South?

Return to Sanity Tour - 2003

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In August and September of 2003 I took my first long motorcycle ride. In March of 2003 I purchased a 1999 BMW R1100RT. My only previous motorcycle was a Yamaha V-Star 650 custom cruiser.

In 2002 I started reading a BMW sport touring discussion board This story was originally posted on that site in about 18 parts, as I edited them for posting. I wrote this story as I travelled, then edited it and posted it on the site.

Please enjoy this tale. It was a transformative ride for me. My life gained a new focus and has been interesting s

Delivery is Tough Work

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I posted the following on the website in August of 2004. Enjoy!

Last week was pretty amazing. Actually the past month has been pretty amazing. I offered my friend Sylva a ride on the RT at the beginning of July, and it went very well. As a friend of mine said, "motorcycle magic."

Anyway, Sylva did so well on her first ride on July 3rd that I asked her if she'd like to ride to TN with me to deliver my friends GL1100 Goldwing to their new home. Happily Sylva accepted. She's a true trooper.

Here's our mighty steed sitting next to the RT in the garage:

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