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UnRally VI

An UnRally Tale: Part I

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Well, Sylva and I are mostly done with The UnRally VI. The event itself is over, now it's just some simple cleanup of a few loose details and closing the financial books.

I've never organized an UnRally before. It was an interesting experience. I'm glad Sylva and I chose to say yes. I don't know with the changes rapidly unfolding in our lives when we'd have the time to do one in the next several years. So, I'm glad when asked, we said, "yes."

My trip to the UnRally was a long one. My overall route was from home; Troy, NY; to Waynesboro, VA; to Charlotte, NC; to Atlanta, GA; to somewhere in TN; to Lexington, KY; to the UnRally in Fayetteville, WV; and from the UnRally home via Akron, PA and a lot of back roads. Including some riding at the UnRally I clocked 3,106 miles in total. Far more than the 1,300 mile round trip from home to the Un plus some riding would have been.

UnRally VI: Fayetteville, West Virginia - September 4-6, 2007

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Sylva and I are going to be the UnOrganizers for the Annual UnRally. This is a annual get together of BMW motorcycle sport touring enthusiasts and others. (You don't need to ride a BMW.)

To follow our progress on this project you can check out the UnRally planning forum on

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