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Closures and Bindings in Groovy

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You can learn something every day. That's what is so nice about being a software developer.

Today I was looking at some Grails code, seeing how some of the metaprogramming features of Groovy are used in the framework. After poking around I decided to look at the ServicesGrailsPlugin to see how the automatic wiring of services was done, and ran across the following code:

def doWithSpring = {
  application.serviceClasses.each { serviceClass ->
      def scope = serviceClass.getPropertyValue("scope")

    "${serviceClass.fullName}ServiceClass"(MethodInvokingFactoryBean) {
      targetObject = ref("grailsApplication", true)

The Definitive Guide to Grails

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I picked up a copy of The Definitive Guide to Grails this week. I'm most of the way through it, and I'm impressed. The Grails team has definitely done a lot of work. As a result I've started to dig into the code, and I'm getting a lot of ideas for Groovy Works.

Overall I highly recommend getting a copy of the book, whether you use Grails or not. It is well worth a look.

I'll post more thoughts when I finish the book.

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