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Walking into the Light: A Week With Ruby on Rails

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This past week or so two developers whom I greatly respect and admire really opened my eyes. It's been an interesting time since then. On October 23 on the Struts Developer list Craig McClanahan wrote:

Why the long winded diatribe? Because while I'd *love* to see life made simpler for Java web developers, and a lot of the things happening in Struts2 are going that way -- it won't be me doing it. I've gone over to the dark side :-) and much prefer to develop in Rails -- for the conciseness mentioned above, but also because I don't ever have to do a "build" or "deploy" step during my development cycle any more. But you guys and gals need to be reminded that *this* is the kind of thing you are competing against if you expect to attract Rails developers ... or to avoid even more "previously Java web developer" defectors like me :-).

To which Ted Husted followed up:

Personally, I'd characterize going over to Rails as walking into the light :)

Using Globally Unique Id's in Ruby on Rails


I'm starting to play with Ruby on Rails a bit, and liking it so far. Over the past year I have been so preoccupied with work on ongoing projects that I really haven't had the time to experiment with RoR. I'll write more about why I finally got off the mark and tried it out later. Short story is I like to so far.

For years now I have moved away from using incrementing integers as id's in my database designs. I have been using string based globally unique id's. I really don't want to leave these behind, plus I'm looking at interoperating with some databases that use them already. So, I had to find a solution. It took a bit of Google'ing, but I think I've found a solution.

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