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The Future That Has Already Happened

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January second's Daily Drucker dealt with the future, but not as most business prognosticators or futurists might. As Drucker states it, "The important thing is to identify the 'future that has already happened...'"

The action point for the day is to identifying those trends in our market that have already happened, write about their longevity and their effect on our life and organization.

Software as a Service For the Rest of Us

Over the past few years, and particularly in 2007 Software as a Service (Saas) has really broken out and has become a force in the software industry. The first large scale SaaS offering that really broke through to my consciousness was, then for me came Basecamp from represented a high level enterprise offering, with a high level of complexity and expense. Basecamp brought software as a service home to us all.

The Daily Drucker

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For the Holidays I picked up a copy of "The Daily Drucker" (Barnes and Noble,, a daily reader with short excepts from the great corpus of Peter Drucker's life long writing.

For those who have read widely of Drucker's work "The Daily Drucker" would likely be a nice reminder of the high points of his management philosophy. For those coming to Drucker for the first time it will serve as a good introduction.

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