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More photos from August are up! Plus VIDEO!

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I've added more photos to Flickr the last few days. I think it's mostly August and September photos that have gone up.

I have also started putting videos on YouTube!!! iMovie makes it incredibly easy to upload photos directly to YouTube, don't even have to enter a web browser to do so! I'm psyched.

The 2008 Breastfeeding Olympics!

2008 BF Challenge
Or, as it is known in the Philippines; The Breastfeeding Olympics

What: A fun event to challenge geographic areas to see who can get
the most babies breastfeeding at one time. The winners are determined
by a percentage of birthrate.

When: October 11, 2008

Time: 11:00 am your time

Why: To celebrate breastfeeding, to educate the general public, to
develop peer support, and to just have fun!

Location/Site: Anywhere you can get 2 or more moms together. Some
sites are in someone's home. Other sites are in hospitals. Sites can
be in a park, at a clinic, at City Hall, on the Capitol grounds, in a

This Is For Traci and Tracy

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Hi Smallbany! So... you know my husband, know Amy and Ray, the three of them went to your wedding 8 years ago?! Now you're big into the LLLI group locally, have two kids, I'm married to Mark, and somehow you found our blog and have been following it and seen photos of Ezra, etc. And I went to a LLL meeting 3 months ago that you were at, and we're sitting next to each other at the NENY Regional Perinatal Forum Breastfeeding Subgroup! With our babies!

Well hi!

And Saturday night at River Street Cafe (I linked to Dish and Dirt because... well... I enjoyed the food, but felt as though dining there WAS overly complicated!



You've seen LOLcats, but this is better!


Well-Child Visits (Pediatricians and Parenting Advice)

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Follow-up to the beginning of the last post (Train of thought):

Pediatricians are usually required to take ONE nutrition course, a couple developmental courses, and a briefing on breast feeding. The whole well-child visits idea came from the need to ensure all children in the US were receiving on-time vaccinations. The well-visits correspond with a schedule of vaccinations.

The health promotion/preventive medicine aspect of the visits is after-the-fact, and pediatricians are asked to provide parenting advice and preventive medicine care, when their education has largely been based on ILLNESS and disease. Western medicine is non-holistic and based on treatment rather than prevention. Yet MDs trained in treatment are being asked to provide all sorts of recommendations that end up being largely anecdotal and rarely evidence-based.

Breast Feeding and Pediatricans

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In one of my online discussion forums, the topic of pediatricians and parenting advice comes up over and over again. Every day there's another mom saying, "My pediatrician said ______!! But from everything I read and researched, speaking with other professionals, and following my mom instincts, I should be doing something else! What do I do?!"

It ranges from breastfeeding/nutrition advice to ... more breastfeeding and nutrition advice! Sleeping and schedules also come up often.

After reading yet another post and reassuring yet another mom that she doesn't have to start cereal RIGHT NOW with her four-month old, that he WILL learn to swallow food (what neurologically intact baby doesn't develop that ability once their extrusion reflex goes away later on!), that she shouldn't limit breastfeeding (since that's his main source of nutrition for the first year), that solids are more about practice and experimentation, not particularly nutrition, I decided to write this post.

Dangerous Car Seats, Unethical Rental Companies

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I just found some disturbing information, given that when Mark and I traveled with Ezra to Madison, WI, we were considering renting a car seat from Hertz when we rented the car, though we ultimately bought Ezra his own seat on the plane and brought his car seat with us.

Evidently, in the past 9 months, several parents have attempted to rent car seats from Advantage Car Rentals with absolutely miserable experiences... unsafe, extremely expired seats (at least 12-22 year-old seats!!), dirty, missing parts, and worse.

Check out one traveling family's experience in December 2007 at the San Diego airport Advantage Rent-A-Car, and then.. the follow-up.

Angie's List?! Angie's List!!


Mark and I are in the process of rehabbing the house next door and we hope to move in within 2 months... at least move into the 2nd floor (grin). Lots of work to be done... and both our handymen are unreliable to an extreme. In fact, we can't count one as a handyman... he's never showed up! The other hasn't been around in a year. Ugh. And there's so much work to be done!

Asking around with our neighbors has only turned up one or two leads, and looking on CraigsList is OH SO SKETCHY.

But today, in one afternoon, from three individuals, came the phrase, "Angie's List." Angie's List? Oh, yes. Rate your services. Anything from a hair salon (yes, I just took the time to review mine!) to dog walkers to hardwood floor repair to kitchens and baths... you name it, that service is probably listed. They've recently branched into reviews of healthcare providers, which is great, because nothing I've seen out in the www does that job well.

It's Raining, the Beach is Off


So it's really been coming down this morning, and if Shaunda or I had looked at the weather forecast we would have known our Grafton Lakes Beach plans were silly...

Fast forward to this morning, we're headed to the The Children's Museum of Science and Technology up in Rensselaer Tech Park.

Hope you're all enjoying this rainy day.

Troy Playground Rehab

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